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Haunting Documentation of a Trash Out by PBS

I just watched this five minute video of a trash out .Т  I could not believe how well it went along with the Grapes of Wrath quotes in the Pages binder.Т  In the end, one of the members of the clean-up crew says something quite similar to the man in the novel who is in charge of tearing down the homes of the sharecroppers.Т  He basically makes an “it’s me or them” type of statement in regards to foreclosure.Т  It would be impossible for students to not see the comparison.Т  Aaron, I heard you are doing something with possessions.Т  This would be great for you.


  1. Brandi, this is great, and you are right, the connections to the original text is undeniable. The resemblance of truth and fiction is fascinating. Aaron is working around this concept or practice of the “trash out” and exploring big ideas around home and identity with his students. It’s interesting when a person’s stuff becomes “trash” (even when it’s not) once it’s sitting out on the curb. It’s dramatic and quite powerful. Aaron, Elizabeth, and I talked about how are identities are wrapped up in our “stuff”. What happens to those perceived identities when we lose our “stuff” or our “stuff” is taken away?


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