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The Ultimate in Concise Writing

This is the resource that I use in my classroom to teach the six word memoir.

One idea from the Pages resources was the “Six Word Story.” Т This is an activity that I have also done with my students as an introduction at the beginning of the year. Т Students use a post-it on which they write their memoir, and I encourage the use of images and text. Т We post these in the classroom at the beginning of the year, and they stay there.

Below you will find a couple of links that might be helpful in teaching the six word memoir to your students.

This is an NPR story with a slideshow of six word memoirs with images. Т I especially like “I still make coffee for two” by Zak Nelson.

This is a link to the publisher of theТ book of six word memoirs that I use in my classroom to foster discussion about the memoirs and show students some examples of what others have done. Т An interesting feature on this particular page is the ability to search six word memoirs by topic.


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